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Multiple rooms per game, unlimited hints, and immersive puzzles. Ask for as many hints as you want! No penalties. no judgment. 
You might escape. You will have fun.

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The Sorcerers

Sorcerer’s protect their knowledge carefully. It takes great thinkers to outwit these master of dark arts. Don’t dawdle they love to confuse and delay. Time is the enemy.

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The Alchemist

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The Witch

Witches have to protect what is theirs. To get into their coven and more importantly to get out you need to solve the conundrums they put into your path.

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The Wizard

The good wizards enjoy their games. They are the cat and you are the mouse. Escape their trap if you can. Only the quick-witted succeed.

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the asylum escape room game cover

The Asylum Hill Project

Between 1855 and 1935, it was the site of the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum. Recent archaeological studies undertaken by UMMC revealed the existence of as many as 7,000 graves located on the only remaining undeveloped part of the main campus.

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detectives rooms with blue lights and a map with pins in it

Mission Impossible/Lights Out

The principle of the Game is simple, you’re following in the foot steps of agent Kojak. Follow the clues he was working on and solve the mystery before time runs out.

What services do we provide?


We do the job for you! We create interactive live escape room scenarios and games emotionally engaging for the target audience. We take care of permits, buildout and as much automation as possible.


We will customize any software according to your escape room needs.


Do you want to automatically respond to any events in the game? Or wish to lessen the negative impact of the human factor? Room automation addresses both issues perfectly and much more.


We have high-tech machinery for the production of puzzles and props. We will manufacture and bring to life any any realistic figure or object that will immediately take the experience of your room to the next level.

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2 Dimensional Party Room

A fun Place to Celebrate Your Event!

Celebrate your special occasions with our exclusive party packages that guarantee a memorable time for you and your guests! From birthdays to corporate events, our packages cater to all your needs.

To make reservations or inquire about our packages, simply contact us at 628-313-6392. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in creating an unforgettable experience. Call us now to book your event and let the festivities begin!

Why Escape Room Business?

People want to get out, meet up, and do things. They're in the right mood. All you need is the right attraction with endless entertainment.

-something exciting and novel
-something thrilling that gets the adrenaline going
-something really easy to maintain, ideally!

How Profitable is an Escape Room?

Let's do the math! The revenue generated by an Escape Room business depends on several factors such as the number of customers, ticket prices, and the duration of the game. Typically, Escape Rooms charge around...

What you bring to the table?

A location for escape room(s) (250 + - square feet per room) depending on desired maximum occupancy.

What we bring to the table?

On top of the design, decoration, and buildout we provide maintenance!

Why your venue is a perfect location for Escape Rooms?

Business that have revolving group of customers who are interested in entertainment, bonding experiences or team building exercises.

Why do this as a partnership with GM'S Escape Rooms?

Game Master is an experienced local Escape Room business. We are offering a partnership opportunity to help both business add significant profits to the bottom line.

Unleash Your Inner Sherlock

Step into the world of the and put your detective skills to the test. Our escape rooms are designed to challenge your mind, test your problem-solving abilities, and push you to your limits. Do you have what it takes to escape?
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